How to Gain Weight on the Vegan or Raw Diet #335 At Raw Union, I “ran” into Robert Cheeke. Naturally, I wanted to know what he did to keep his body strong and how he built his body on a vegan (high raw) diet.
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default (1).jpg In terms of silica and magnesium, well we know we can get a lot of magnesium from nuts, and especially three nuts: macadamia nuts, cashew, and cacao. And thats one of the reasons why people really have that craving for those three. Another reason is that we have not enough green leafy-vegetables in the diet, and thats another source of magnesium, and thats also another great source of silica and calcium. But the best source of silica is usually something that we dont have in health food stores, such as nettles, or something like horsetail, or something like hemp leaf. We have to really look at all these factors. In a more general way, how would that be that some people set themselves up for these problems, maybe on a more psychological level? I think what happens is that people take their emotional stuff into whatever diet theyre doing. For example, people who had been abusing refined sugar on a normal diet will start eating massive amounts of dates or sweet fruit on a raw-food diet. So whatever predisposition of abuse in relation to food that people have, generally they take it with them in whatever diet they try. With raw foods, you have to be a little bit more careful because this food has real energy. Its really powerful and also very cleansing. To eat 50 dates is very different than eating refined sugar. Refined sugar is more of a toxin, but dates can be a cleanser. The fruit sugar can act like a solvent and start breaking down toxic …